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Pro-Art Dental Laboratory was established in 1977 by Mirjana Salkovic, RDT. She has directed the company from its inception to its current position as one of the leading dental laboratories in Canada. Mirjana was trained in Europe and obtained her Canadian RDT in 1976. Her vision has always been to combine art and science within the dental industry by joining European precision with North American youthful aesthetics. Mirjana’s hands-on approach is the key factor in assuring the highest possible standard of quality in all of Pro-Art’s products and services.


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Pro-Art invites you to join our “Mission for Progress.” Since 1977, through our professional research, education, and dedication, we have kept our laboratory at the forefront of technology in the 21st century. We offer our “Total Support System” to our clients in every aspect of dentistry. We provide the latest Computer Imaging technology to assist you in visualizing creative cosmetic dentistry, newest innovations in implant dentistry and digital flow planning for success. Thus, you can view the end result even before the start. Our ultimate goal is to support you and satisfy your patient’s expectations.


Pro-Art Quality Control

Each and every restoration, whether a single crown or full mouth reconstruction, is subject to the same stringent quality control procedures within the laboratory. Standard procedures include the verification of:

  •  Marginal fit and effect on tissue integrity
  •  Occlusal and functional integrity
  •  Aesthetic appearance, including shade and stain matching

Given the fine degree of detail involved, our Quality Control procedures are performed under a microscope after the wax-up has been completed and again after the frame is finished.  To give our porcelain work a life-like appearance, we combine a layering technique with the best technicians and porcelain systems from around the world.  Our in-house training and continuing education programs ensure that our technicians are always on the leading edge of the industry.

pro art about quality control