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Pro-Art Dental Laboratory offers a full range of orthodontic appliances, for the orthodontist and general dentist. In this era of rapidly changing technology we have always maintained our position on the leading edge of emerging dental technologies. We are constantly researching new materials and techniques in order to provide our clients with the best possible and the most current appliances.

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Positon & Protect


Orthodontic Retainers can be fixed or removable and are used to maintain teeth in correct position during the period of functional adaptation following corrective treatment. These appliances are also used to maintain the position of teeth and jaws established by orthodontic procedures.

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Snoring usually occurs when a person’s airway at the back of the throat constricts, causing air to be inhaled at an increased speed and pressure. This results in the soft tissue in the back of the mouth vibrating, creating the snoring noise. Sleep apnea is a cessation, or interruption, of breathing during sleep. The anti-snoring /sleep apnea appliance is a comfortable, oral mouthpiece which is worn only during sleep. The appliance positions the lower jaw into a forward position. If you move the lower jaw forward into a comfortable position, the tongue is automatically moved out of the airway, thus stopping snoring and controlling mild to moderate OSA.

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Night guards are recommended for patients with bruxism, the term used for the condition that causes sleepers to clench or grind their teeth.  For patients with jaw or other sleeping related mouth or bite problems, a nightguard might also be an option.

A night guard is a custom-made, comfortable plastic shield made by a laboratory. The night guard is form-fitted onto the patient’s upper and lower teeth and is worn while they sleep. The plastic guard prevents further dental damage.   Patients adjust very quickly and easily to using the guard while sleeping.  Since the nightguard is custom-fitted to each patient’s mouth, breathing remains normal.

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Sports Protection

Mouthguards are custom-fitted to an athlete’s mouth by their dentist. They are double laminated for superior strength and shock dispersion which greatly dissipates possible tooth damage, jaw misalignment and/or concussion.

Proform mouthguards were designed by dental and sports professional. They realize the extreme importance of comfort and having a good flow of oxygen. It improves performance and reduces the chance of muscle fatigue in the athlete. Many sports organizations now strongly recommend mouthguards and some have even made them mandatory equipment.

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Position & Protect
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