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Specializing in Aesthetics


At Pro-Art, Cosmetic Dentistry is of the highest standards. We understand what smile means to each person. Smile can open doors to new future of self-expression and confidence both personally and professionally.

  • Each smile is designed, crafted and layered for each person individually
  • Restored with Veneers: Pro-Art Spectrolite or E-max
  • Crowns in Zirconia, Prettau or E-max
  • Our LVI trained master technicians design and sculpt each individual smile, complementing the face and look of the person with translucency, delicate shape and layered mamelons.
  • We plan each case to visualize the final results before starting any procedure.
  • From single tooth to full-mouth reconstruction, we specialize in occlusal management and superior aesthetics.
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A successful procedure requires planning and teamwork. Pro-Art Dental Laboratory specializes in treatment planning for full mouth reconstructions.

At Pro-Art, we plan every case to achieve balanced occlusion. We provide everything you need to assist you to achieve
predictable, aesthetically functional results.

  • Case Planning
  • Before and After Digital Imaging
  • Step-by-step recommendation on options best suited to restore the case and visualize the final result before
    starting the procedure.
  • Occlusal Management
  • Preparation Guides
  • Siltek for temporaries
  • Bonding procedures/insertion guides every single time.


IPS e.max® delivers the ultimate in metal free aesthetics and strength utilizing both Pressable and CAD/CAM technologies.

Designed with versatility and simplicity in mind, IPS e.max lets you select from multiple framework materials giving you the versatility you want while always veneering with the same ceramic giving you the simplicity you need. IPS e.max provides outstanding aesthetics, high strength, and predictable shade matching even with difficult combination cases.

With IPS e.max®, Pro-Art can produce the highest quality esthetic restorations using the most progressive fabrication methods with the industry’s most innovative materials.

IPS Emax HT: Available for both pressing and CAD/CAM fabrication, IPS e.max HT (high translucency) lithium disilicate material rounds out the IPS e.max line, which exhibits superior strength (360-400 MPa) and esthetics for monolithic, full contour restorations that can be conventionally or adhesively cemented. IPS e.max Press HT is suited for laboratories to create minimally invasive veneers pressed as thin as 0.3 mm and expands the indications to inlays and onlays.

pro art ps emax lithium disilicate

Spectrolite Veneers


Spectrolite Veneers are finely crafted, layered porcelain that imitate the natural look of a smile. They maintain the high strength and pliability of tooth enamel. It is the ideal choice for patients looking to maintain original tooth structure, change tooth shape, size and/or color, or reposition the aesthetic of their teeth.

Unique features of the Spectrolite Veneers:

  • Built up from layered porcelain to replace original tooth
  • Enamel removed is usually less than 0.3 mm
  • Bonding between the tooth and the porcelain veneer plays an essential role in the aesthetic excellence and the function of the patient’s bite.
  • Light cured resin is used to bond porcelain veneer and original tooth, curing light is used to harden the bonding in between

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