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Pro-Art fully embraces digital dentistry and seeing the results gives us more confidence. Planning cases and sharing screen with our doctors in real time, synchronizing our prosthetic plan with the surgical plan by utilizing impression models and CBCT scan gives us accuracy and predictability in seeing the final results. We can then 3D print a Pro-Guide and a bone reduction guide that can help with the implant placement. At Pro-Art, digital dentistry is completely integrated.


FaceHunter & PlaneSystem®

A breakthrough in digital data acquisition and the newest addition to our treatment planning workflow, improving communication between our laboratory and our dentists.

At Pro-Art, we are able to capture 3D scans of the patient’s face, orient the arch scans to the exact plane of occlusion, analyze and trace the parameters of the mandibular movements and transfer the data to our treatment planning and our prosthetic designing teams.


Images Courtesy: ZirkonZahn® and Udo Plaster

Using the acquired data, digital smile design, implants planning and the design of the final restoration are combined. Aesthetic Mock-up splints are fabricated, providing real-time evaluation of the prospective occlusion and the aesthetics of the final restoration. The outcome is an interference-free final restoration, aesthetically individualized to meet the patient’s demand and a balanced occlusion without muscle or joint disturbance.

We believe that every person is unique! You can now avail Pro-Art Dental Laboratory’s sophisticated customized planning with Face Hunter and PlaneSystem®

*For further inquiry and in case you would like to attend our training session on FaceHunter & PlaneSystem®, contact us on 416-469-4121 or email us at education@www.pro-artdentallab.com


As the doctor plans the surgical placement of implant, in most cases, we can also provide the temporary restoration on the day of the surgery along with the Pro-Guide. With teamwork and case planning, we can achieve a predictable final outcome for the satisfaction of the dentists and their patients. We can use any implant planning software.

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  • Using a chairside Intra-oral scanner to send an impression has many advantages.
  • There is no need for pickup as we can receive the impression immediately through the digital portal.
  • Distance is not an issue anymore as all the data is received digitally.
  • Less material and less time is required to complete a digital restoration resulting in overall improvement in efficiency
  • In any case if a physical model is required, we have the ability to 3D Print models at our lab.
  • We work with all the digital systems available in the market. You can contact Pro-Art to establish a connection between your office and Pro-Art for direct communication of digital cases.
  • 3Shape, Sirona (CEREC), Itero, Carestream, E4D & Condor
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If you would like to know more about our digital services please contact us at digitaldentistry@www.pro-artdentallab.com